Techniques for Weed Eaters



If you have plenty of grass and weeds which can’t be effectively cut using a lawnmower, then using a weed eater, likewise called a string trimmer, is the most efficient means. While most people simply start their weed eater and start cutting, there are others who know some techniques allowing them to use the weed eater for trimming weed and cutting grass more effectively. Before you start trimming again, make sure you get acquainted with some tricks of the trade to make you work like a pro.

Choosing your machine

To be able to use a weed eater to its full potential, you should make sure to choose the best string trimmer. It is a good idea to test several units with straight and curved handles to find out which one is easier for you to grip and control.  A machine which is too heavy could strain your arms as well as your back, hence making a trimming task an unpleasant one. Decide whether you should go for an electric powered, battery powered or gas powered machine. Even though you need to maneuver around the cord of an electric powered unit, you don’t have to require several batteries or head to the gas station for fuel. On the other hand, gas powered and battery powered units allow you to trim wherever you want without the need to struggle with a short electrical cord.

Operating the machine

Before you begin with your trimming task, check the spinning direction of your trimmer head first. The spinning direction of the head will determine your movement. For example, if the head spins on a clockwise direction, you will have to work in a motion from right to left. Meanwhile, those which have a counterclockwise spin direction will work from left to right.

Maintaining a consistent height


If you are not accustomed to operating a weed eater, you might be carried away and cut grass too short. It’s necessary to check the weed eater line’s length to make sure that it won’t extend past the edge of the guard covering the string. If the string is long, you should turn off the weed eater and wind the string back to its appropriate length. You can use a knife or scissor to trim the string until it reaches the desired length. You also can read the weed eater reviews to choose the best one work for your garden.

Doing specific trimming tasks

If you are planning to create a finely defined edge in your sidewalk or driveway, make sure to turn your weed eater in order for the string to spin around in a horizontal manner. Hold the weed eater and work your way along the edge of the grass. When cutting a dense growth of grass, you should start at the top of the growth instead of the bottom. Afterwards, work the weed eater down the height of the growth little by little in a side-to-side motion while cutting down the growth into smaller pieces as you go.

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