The important steps required for removing the blade of a miter saw

z301396Nothing can beat the effectiveness of a miter saw when it comes to making some angular squared or beveled cuts on the wood. All the fancy products made from wood that you see in the market are possible only through the miter saw machine. There are different types of miter saws available in the market. The backbone of the miter saw is always the blade as the quality, effectiveness and the finishing of the job is all dependent on the quality of the blade.

The users need to replace the blade of the equipment for quite a few reasons. The main reason could be due to a dull blade, a different blade needed with a different TPI for a specific task or it could be to take the blade off for sharpening purposes. The miter saw blades are usually very sharp and they must be handled carefully. You can easily replace the blade yourself by following a few simple steps.

Steps required for removing the blade:

A few minutes and a couple of other tools may be required for effectively changing the blade of your miter saw. The regular changing of the blade of the best miter saw will ensure smooth and even cuts made with the equipment. The following are the few steps that you need to perform for changing the blade of your miter saw:

  • The removal of the blade guard – The first step to perform in this regard is to remove the blade guard of the miter saw. For doing this step, you need to be fully sure that you have disconnected the equipment from the power source for safety purposes. Then, you need to loosen the screws of the blade guard using a screwdriver which is actually holding the guard in its place. You can use your hand for moving the guard up and right out of the way from the blade. In the same step, you also need to be sure that you press on the spindle lock of the equipment for keeping the blade secure. The lock could be located either at the rear or at the front of the saw. Your best compound miter saw manufacturer would surely have given good details in the user manual. It is usually a small black button. If you have the blade in the locked position, then the lock button would sink till its lowest possible position.
  • Removing the blade – In this step, you have to firmly and safely remove the blade from its nest. You can make use of an Allen wrench and use it to turn the bolts which actually are holding the blade with the saw. The wrench should be moved in the clockwise direction until the bolts get completely loose. After that, you need to remove the outer washer of the blades. You can use your fingers for doing the needful. Make sure that the inner washer is holding its place and is not disturbed.
  • Replacing the blade – First, read out the user manual of the product for replacing the blade. It is important as some products slightly differ in their design. A washcloth must be used for wiping off the oil drops on the inner and the outer washer which are in contact with the blade of the miter saw. The blade must be installed, then by keeping the face of its teeth in the downwards direction. . After placing the blade, the outer washer must be put back to its original place. The bolt must be tied again by using the Allen wrench. Fully ensure that the blade is tied properly and tightly to avoid injuries.

A miter saw blade can be removed and replaced easily. But it’s important to do it with great care because a little carelessness may result into any harm to the user. The important thing is to follow the whole process step by step in order to remove the blade and the best  thing is to consider its manual or guidance provided by the company. In addition to it, precautionary measure should also be taken so that you would not get into any troubles.

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