Memory foam topper and memory foam mattresses: can you use them together?

Memory foam mattresses generally do not need toppers. However, if you want to put the best memory foam mattress topper on top of your memory foam mattress, then it is important to remember that it needs to be put onto a flat surface that is smooth enough to not have noticeable bumps, and solid enough to support the weight of the topper. The most common problem with toppers is that they get placed on mattresses that are lumpy or saggy, and therefore cannot provide good support.


As long as you have a memory foam mattress that is in good condition, you can put a topper on top it, just like with any other mattress. A standard 11-inch memory foam mattress has a support core that is about 8 inches thick, so it should be able to withstand having a topper and your weight on it. It’s also important to remember that the topper should be the same size as the mattress it will be on. For example, a king size mattress will need a king size foam topper in order to be comfortable.

Another thing to check with memory foam products is to make sure that the memory foam mattress, topper, pillow or other product is certified to be free of toxic chemicals. It is common for memory foam products to have an odor when you first unwrap them. However, if the smell lasts several weeks, then that can be problematic, and also potentially indicate that the memory foam product contains harmful chemicals.

One way to check before you buy a memory foam product is to see if it has been certified as pure by the CertiPUR-US company or read more the memory foam mattress topper product reviews. This is an organization that checks memory foam products for toxins, and if CertiPUR-US approves it, the company that makes the product can use their seal of approval on their products and websites. It is highly encouraged that you do your homework on memory foam products before you purchase any. This is particularly important if you have a memory foam mattress and a memory foam topper.

Another consideration is with multiple memory foam products, to improve their lifespan, they should be cleaned with water only, and the memory foam topper should flipped and rotated on the mattress every second week. This will give the memory foam cells time to recover and gain their shape again, which will help with making sure that you can get the most out of your memory foam topper. Likewise, if your memory foam mattress is designed for it, you can also rotate it on a regular basis.

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