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Your transition from a beginner to a pro sewing machine

A lot of amateur users get confused that which would be the ideal sewing machine for them. Surprisingly, some of the advanced and the professional users also have the same problem. It is normally because of so much variety in the market where people have a specific machine for specific users. Further, the user will also have the opportunity to find a machine which is suitable or specialized for a particular type of sewing such as embroidery. So, the agenda of discussion here is that every user according to his expertise level in sewing should pick an appropriate machine. This is the only way when the users can find the best match to suit their level of competence in sewing.

sewing machine basic

Buying the first best sewing machine:

If you are a hobbyists or just jumped into the world of sewing then you would definitely be looking for some inexpensive and yet the best beginner sewing machine. Some of the beginners even look to go for the mechanical models, but that might not be a wise decision. It is because the other electrical advance models are better and inexpensive too with the simplest ones.

Learning stitching on the electric machines will set you up very nicely for the advance sewing machines. You will get to know about all the dynamics of such machines which offer users normally with a digital display, built in stitches and computerized connectivity even in some of the advance models. In order to have the best beginner sewing machine, you will be surely fine to have a budget around $50 to $70.

It’s better to focus on some simple aspects and easy to manage attributes in first hand. You should not be considering a very complicated or sophisticated machine, as mentioned earlier, it would not be a good decision for you as a beginner.

Upgrading your sewing machine to the mid-range level:

If you have developed the basic sewing skills and have become a regular user then this is the time to look for a sewing machine with better functionality. The computerized machines available in the market are much versatile, and they come with a good range of functions to be exploited by the mid-range users. You can try fancy sewing, including different fabric decorations and embroidery using the built in options. Apart from this, a lot of snazzy extras would also give you a great deal of hope in different types of sewing. The most common option in this regard can be of an automatic thread cutter and also the 1-step buttonholer to make easy buttonholes in shirts and trousers. These are optional things which don’t compromise over your sewing skills.

But, having them in your sewing system can be a great advantage as your sewing tasks will become much easier. The mid-range machine can fall into different price categories which primarily depend on the maker of the machine and the type of features they are offering with quality. However, you must be fine with a budget of a little over a $100 for buying a mid-range sewing machine.

This will help you get a sewing machine that will be able to help you achieve a simple or medium level or slightly complicated task. This is an important phase in your sewing venture as you will plunge yourself into the upper level.

Buying a high end machine:

If sewing is your bread and butter then for supporting your advance sewing needs, you need to have an advance machine which is apt for professional users. The advance machines come with even more variety in the functionality such as having the strong guts and a powerful motor. They are capable of handling all types of fabrics and can also do variety of sewing, including embroidery as well. They are fast and give you at least 1000 stitches per minute. They are excellent with their computer connectivity and have a variety of other built in functions. There is no set budget for an advance machine. In this category, you must have a minimum budget of $300 or even more.

Just make sure you don’t jump from a simple to  high complexity levels. As if you do so, you may get into a lot of troubles and it may result you lose your confidence. Try to go step by step and gain expertise gradually.